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November 26, 2019

At Adamjee Life, we believe in exceptional customer service and take pride in our efficient provision of services that result in customer satisfaction. We strive to be a customer-driven company and our philosophy reflects in our course of operations. The Claims Team works with diligence and efficiency, while the Operations Team, including the Customer Services Department and the Sales Team, remain constantly engaged with the customer and subsequently, the claimant until their entitlement has been fulfilled. These following claims have been settled in a very responsive manner:

  • First claim of Medical Colleges – As per this product policy, once a parent passes away, the child will get coverage for the remaining years at medical college. Abdul Razzaq had purchased this policy at the CMH Lahore Medical College. On the event of his passing, Adamjee Life settled this claim promptly and paid PKR 1,050,000/- for the Academic Year 2019-20, and will continue to pay this amount for the remaining two-year period.
  • Claim to Abdul Qadir – Adamjee Life settled the claim promptly and extended timely support to the family of renowned cricketer, Abdul Qadir. Our customers are always our priority.
  • Natural Death Claim- This is the highest settlement paid by Adamjee Life since its inception, in the capacity of Natural Death Claims. The claim settlement of PKR 50,000,000 was made to Chairman of United Energy Pakistan Limited in October 2019.
  • Customer claims – Customers had purchased Adamjee Life’s Conventional Product, Save N Assure, from our channel partner, MCB. Claims amounting to PKR 2,000,000, PKR 1,974,800, and PKR 2,000,000 were efficiently settled.


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