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We are committed to creating a secure tomorrow for all - driving social initiatives that bring positive change to our country.


For Adamjee Life, creating shared value is more than a responsibility. It is ingrained in the organization's corporate goals. Our enthusiasm and objectives are channeled to positively influence Pakistan, with an emphasis on education, health care, and community services.

CSR Policy

Adamjee Life Assurance Co. Ltd. CSR strategy focuses on education, healthcare, environment, water conservation and community involvement in line with its core values to build its image as a “leader in Environmental conservation & Sustainable Business Development, which operates responsibly and supports the communities in which it operates”.

Based on the CSR Strategy, Company will focus on:

  • On Community development, environment and water conservation bring in sustainability program to minimize environmental footprints and support in developing new initiatives in Pakistan.
  • To play its role in creating awareness within its direct and indirect stakeholders in line with community development, environment and water conservation related initiatives.
  • To take initiatives to reduce the impact of climate change
  • To contribute in socio-economic development of the communities around its operations.
  • To encourage partnership with government departments, NGOs, business partners in order to contribute positively towards environment, water conservation and community development.
  • To encourage and recognize its employees for volunteering in the spirit of serving the community.


Adamjee Life has always been a strong advocate of advancing Pakistan Sustainable Development Goals and has pledged to provide assistance to the state and the community in other such initiatives as well.

Nigehbaan CSR platform is thought of as an enduring responsibility demanding organization to act ethically. Simultaneously, it supports the emotional and humanitarian strength of the organization, which would ultimately improve the quality of life of employees, their families, and the community.


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