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Adamjee Life Window Takaful Operations

Introduction to Window Takaful Operations

Window Takaful Operations were introduced by Adamjee Life in 2016 after receiving grant of operations for commencement of Window Takaful Operations from SECP; Deeming us eligible for providing Shahriah Compliant products and services.

The word Takaful is derived from the Arabic word Kafala, which means to guarantee; to help; to take care of one’s needs. Takaful is a system based on the principle of Ta’awun (mutual assistance) and Tabarru (voluntary contribution), where risk is shared collectively by a group of participants, who by paying contributions to a common fund, agree to jointly guarantee themselves against loss or damage to any one of them as defined in the pact. Takaful is operated on the basis of shared responsibility, brotherhood, solidarity and mutual cooperation.

The Window Takaful Operations of Adamjee Life offers two Shahriah Compliant Funds; Tameen Fund and Maza’af Fund. Tameen Fund has a moderate to low risk profile that generates stable and secure returns by balancing the investment in long term money markets instruments including term deposits in Islamic Banks and Sukuk Bonds. Whereas, Maza’af Fund has a moderate to high risk profile that generates higher returns over the long run in Shahriah Compliant Equities and Islamic mutual funds.


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