Saving Plan

Adamjee Life-Window Takaful Operations (AL-WTO) has designed a product that can be customized to cater your specific needs. The Salsabeel Plus Certificate is a high allocation Shariah Compliant regular contribution unit linked certificate.

Education & Marriage Plan

With the passage of time and age, we all observe changes in our behavior and specially our priorities in life. Although we might stay in touch but casual hangout with friends are replaced by work and family time. One of the key elements that changes is the fact that instead of focus on one’s own self the focus completely shifts towards children. We always prefer to meet the expectations of our children over our own and try to fulfill their needs to whatever extent we can and how we deem fit.

Asaan Takaful Plan

Asaan Takaful is a unique investment cum protection plan that provides you a hassle free one-time investment option. The protection feature of the plan provides you life coverage from the moment you invest in the plan. Anyone between the age ranges of 18 to 75 years is eligible for this deal investment package.