Manafa Plus Family Takaful

Every responsible person tries to’ ensure that his / her family is always protected and that their future is safe and secure. Financial Planning is a word synonymous with protection, safety and security . With a host of investment options available, conscious individuals try and opt for products that are in line with their beliefs and code of life.

Keeping in view all of the above mentioned factors, MCB Islamic Bank along with Adamjee Life-Window Takaful Operations (AL-WTO) have designed a product that can be customized to cater your specific needs in a shariah compliant way!

Why What is Takaful?

Our Manafa Plus plan has all the essential ingredients that are required to keep you away from future financial worries and protect your family from uncertainties of life.

Manafa Plus is a Shariah Compliant regular contribution unit linked family takaful plan. Under this plan a greater proportion of contribution is allocated to Participant Investment Account (PIA). The benefits of the plan are largely linked to the value of the investments of the professionally managed underlying Funds in which a proportion of the contribution is invested.

Plan Details

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Savings Care

Savings Care

The regular contributions are invested in one of the two professionally managed Shariah compliant strategies designed to help the savings grow to match the Participant’s choice of personal savings intention.

Takaful (Protection)

This is by way of transferring regular contributions (‘tabarru’at’- as Takaful donations) into the WAQF Fund. This WAQF Fund protects your intention to save the agreed amount of as sum covered* over the tenure of the certificate.

* 5 to 30 times of the total Annualized Basic Contribution (Basic Contribution x Mode Frequency = Annualized Basic Contribution).

Surplus Sharing

In addition to Risk mitigation benefits, Takaful offers a unique feature of Surplus sharing to the Participants. Surplus in the Waqf, if any, shall be determined on individual participant basis at the end of each financial year, after maintaining necessary reserves as per the advice of appointed Actuary and Shariah Adviser. The Distributable surplus will be allocated to the PIA as per define manner to the eligible Participants.

How your Investment grow in a Shariah Compliant way:

Basic contributions made towards the Certificate are invested in either of Taameen Fund or Maza’af Fund. You can choose to invest fully in one of the fund that suite your investment strategy. The returns earned after deduction of risk charges, and investment management charges are credited to the PIA and accumulate as the participant’s cash value.

Funds are managed by a team of expert investment managers who adjust the investment mix in light of economic conditions and investment opportunities.

Fund Details

Certificate Benefits

Optional Supplementary Benefits

Contribution Allocation & Surrender Charge Structure

Bonus Allocation

Certificate Terms & Eligibility


Basic Contribution Payment mode