Himayat Ul Usra

Almighty Allah has bestowed upon us the greatest gift of all in form of Life. A gift we should cherish and make the most of. We need to plan ahead to mitigate the effects of change and uncertainty that may cause financial hardship to our beloved family.

Now you can be prepared by participating in our Family Takaful Product! The Certificate provides you with both financial protection and savings growth in accordance with Shariah. It is an Investment-Linked Family Takaful Plan that allows you to invest in our Shariah Compliant investment funds, and participate in the protection benefit through a Waqf pool operated by the Adamjee Life Assurance Company Limited – Window Takaful Operations (AL – WTO). This Family Takaful Product gives you peace of mind because your beloved ones are secured financially for the future.

Himayat Ul Usra Plus

Adamjee Life in collaboration with Faysal Bank Limited has designed a product to give the utmost benefits to our customers. If you’re looking to receive early returns from a short term certificate then this is the policy to go with! The policy holds the capability of not only catering to your investment needs but also covers accidental death coverage and to top that, it guarantees a bonus of 50% on the occasion of a wedding, retirement or enrollment in an institution.

Himayat Al Usra Maximizer Plus

Highly flexible Single contribution investment plan with benefit of Family Takaful Coverage packaged in Attractive returns with choice of funds to match your risk appetite.