About Funds

Adamjee Life offers wide range of funds to meet your investment needs. Here you can check details
about your funds

Fund Type Bid Price (RS.) Offer Price (RS.)
Investment Secure Fund(ISF-I) 210.610900 221.695700
Investment Multiplier Fund 259.052700 272.687100
Amaanat Fund 174.461100 183.643300
Investment Secure Fund(ISF-II) 218.605100 225.366100
Investment Diversifier Fund 161.953900 166.962800
Dynamic Secure Fund 136.010700 143.169200
Dynamic Growth Fund 109.829800 115.610300

Note: Unit Price Date is 21-Jan-2020 (Policy issued till 5:30 PM)

Fund Type Bid Price (RS.) Offer Price (RS.)
Taameen Fund 121.288000 127.671600
Maza'af Fund 111.264300 117.120300

Note: Unit Price Date is 22-Jan-2020 (Policy issued till 5:30 PM)

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