Forms Year Months Type
Transfer of Ownership (In case of owner’s death) 2021 January
Change of Ownership (If owner alive) 2021 January
Indemnity Form Takaful 2020 December
Contribution Adjustment Form 2019 November
3rd Party Declaration Form 2019 November
Risk Evaluation Form 2019 November
Alteration form 2019 July
Maturity Form – Takaful 2019 July
Surrender Form – Takaful 2019 July
Cancellation Form- Takaful 2019 July
Death in Abroad Form Questionnaire 2019 March
Disability Claim Form 2019 March
Claim Form A 2019 March
Attending Physician Form B 2019 March
Shariah Compliance Certificate 2019 March
Shariah Advisor 2019 March
License 2019 March
Waqf Deed 2019 March
Fatwa Darululoom 2019 March
PTF Policy 2019 March