Secure Munafa

Managing finances is a unique challenge for every individual, mainly due to unforeseen circumstances during the course of life. In order to meet the growing financial need of every individual. Adamjee Life has designed a unique product to give highest value to your savings.

Fluctuating inflation, growing taxes, debts and interest rates continuously effect your investment. Adamjee Life Secure Munafa has been designed for the preservation of your savings and growing it to the level where you can easily realize your dreams and protecting you and your family from all worries.

Secure Munafa is the highest allocation product, giving your investment the highest value it deserves!

Why Secure Munafa

  • 1st year Investment Allocation (75%)
  • 100% allocation from 3rd year onwards
  • Islamic fund (Amaanat) option providing shariah compliant investment opportunity
  • Ad-hoc allocation (100%) (Investment Booster)
  • Flexibility to diversify your investment according to your preference and risk appetite (Investment Secure, Investment Multiplier and Amaanat Fund)

Plan Details

  • Additional Benefits

  • Fund Details

  • Account Value Build-up

  • Continuation Bonus

  • Basic Premium Allocation

  • Optional Benefits

  • Charges

  • Policy Terms & Eligibility

  • Basic Premium Payment Mode

  • Disclaimer

Additional Benefits

Savings Care

As informed investor, you understand that market volatility can impact your investments. Secure Munafa enables you to gain control over your savings in tune with your financial needs and your risk appetite.

Saving Booster Ad-hoc Premium

You can enhance the growth of your savings through Saving Booster by depositing minimum payment of Rs.10,000 (over and above the regular premium) into your plan. Saving booster payment will be allocated at 100% in the unit account and can be made & withdrawn anytime during the plan term to boost your accumulated cash value.


You can take a loan up to 50% with interest to the end of the Policy year, will equal the Net Cash Surrender Value at the time of the loan being granted.

Tax Rebate

You can enjoy the benefits of Tax savings on life insurance by investing in the plan.

Partial Withdrawal

To make sure that all your urgent monitory requirements are taken care of, the plan offers the option of making partial withdrawals from your account value after the plan has been enforce for 3 years. Partial withdrawals can be taken up to four times in any Policy Year and are limited to 50% of the Net Cash Surrender Value subject to maintaining a minimum Net Cash Surrender Value of Rs. 10,000.

Cover Multiple

You also have the freedom to increase the financial security for your loved ones by choosing an Enhanced Sum Assured through cover multiple options of up to 200 times of your premium amount.

Inflation protection: (Indexation)

This is a value-added feature to cover the inflation impact. Your contributions will increase every year by 5% of the previous years’ contributions with this option. The cash value will also increase accordingly.

Fund Details

Investment Options

Investment Secure Fund

To offer steady returns, the portfolio offers investment in a variety of Government and fixed income securities with minimal exposure in equities.

Investment Multiplier Fund

To offer maximum returns, the portfolio is diversified and balanced with a mix of equity investments, real estate, Government and fixed income securities.

Amaanat (Islamic) Fund

A portfolio which offers investment in Shariah compliant equities, Government and fixed income securities.

You are entitled to two initial free fund switches at any time during every plan year and each subsequent switch would be charged at Rs. 300.

Optional Benefits

Health Care

With medical costs increasing considerably, Health Care option of Secure Munafa ensures health protection for you and your family. It takes care of the medical treatment costs incurred due to serious accident or illness.

Critical Illness Rider (Optional)

A lump sum benefit is paid to you in case you are diagnosed with one of the listed 20 diseases during the enforce term of this rider. The lump sum benefit is additional to your main plan benefit.

Accidental Death (Optional)

A lump sum benefit is paid to you or your chosen beneficiary in case of accidental death.

Family Care

Adamjee Life’s Secure Munafa Family care solution gives you the comfort that you and your family are always protected. We not only make sure that your family is free of all financial burdens but also provide life coverage to your spouse so that your family is prepared for all unfortunate eventualities.

Spouse Protection Rider (Optional)

In the unfortunate event of the death of the insured person’s spouse during the enforce term of this rider, the rider sum assured is payable.

Level Term Insurance Rider (Optional)

The feature guarantees as lump sum amount payable to the chosen beneficiary in case of death of the insured person.

Waiver of Premium Rider (WOP-Death) (Optional)

On death of the insured person, Adamjee Life will pay the initial (un-escalated) basic premiums for the remaining term of the rider, The beneficiary will receive the maturity benefit at the end of the policy term.

Account Value Build-up

Account Value Build-up

Contributions made towards the plan are invested in either of Investment Secure Fund, Investment Multiplier Fund or Amaanat (Islamic) Fund. You can choose to invest fully in one of the fund that suite your investment strategy. The returns earned after deduction of risk charges, monthly admin and investment management charges are credited to the unit account balance and accumulate as the policyholder’s cash value. Funds are managed by a team of expert Investment Managers*, who adjust the investment mix in light of economic conditions and investment opportunities.

* MCB-Arif Habib Savings and Investments Limited – a subsidiary of MCB Bank Limited.

Continuation Bonus

Continuation Bonus

As you continue the plan for longer term you will gain the higher rewards in terms of Continuation Bonuses. The extra units will be allocated to your account value. This extra unit’s allocation is in addition to the basic units of allocations. The Continuation Bonus allocation is as follows.

Policy Year Continuation Bonus Unit Allocation as % to Basic Premium to Account
5 25%
10 50%
15 50%
20 100%

Basic Premium Allocation

Basic Premium Allocation

Basic Premiums are allocated as per the schedule shown below

Policy Year % of Basic Premium Allocated to Unit Account
1 75%
2 85%
3 and onwards 100%



Policy Fee : Nil
Management (& Administration) Charge: An annual charge of 1.75% of the Cash Value deducted on a monthly basis.
Bid/Offer Spread : 5% of all premiums allocated to the Unit Account
Surrender fee/ partial withdrawal : Rs. 350/=
Fund Switching Charges : The first two switches in a Policy Year are free. A charge of Rs. 300 will be made for any further switches in that Policy Year.

Surrender Charge Structure

Policy & Premium Year Surrender Charges as % of Unit Account Value
1 100
2 50
3 Nil
4 & onwards Nil

Policy Terms & Eligibility

Policy Terms & Eligibility

Min entry age Max entry age Min policy term
18 years
(Age nearest birthday)
65 years
(Age nearest birthday)
10 years
Min premium paying term Max Policy Term Max Paying Term
5 years up to age 85 85 years

Basic Premium Payment Mode

Minimum Basic Premium:

Monthly PKR. 8334
Quarterly PKR. 25,000
Semi-Annual PKR. 50,000
Annual PKR. 100,000

Payment Frequency:

  • Annual
  • Semi-Annual
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly



  • Secure Munafa is a unit linked plan which is subject to investment risk and the cash value of the plan will vary directly with the performance of the unit fund.
  • All Secure Munafa applications are processed and approved by Adamjee Life, as per their underwriting guidelines.
  • The brochure only provides an introduction to the benefits available under the policy and detailed description of how the contract works is given in ‘Terms and Conditions’ which will be provided after the customer avails the service.