Group Credit Life / Group Credit Takaful

Credit Life Protection is a decreasing term cover that a bank can offer to individuals taking any kind of a loan from the bank including personal loan, credit card or Mortgage. The coverage is designed to protect both the borrower and the lender. Credit insurance is always sold in connection with a specific loan. It’s a type of cover in which the amount of the policy matches the loan balance at any given time; designed so that full payment will be made in the event of death or disability.

The banks have a constant threat of not only facing a financial loss in case of death of the creditor, but also damages its reputation by trying to recover money from the family of the deceased. Similarly, even the borrower does not want to leave the burden of a loan on his/her family, in case of death or disability. Hence, this product has been designed to protect both the parties against adverse consequences.

Why Group Credit Life

  • Easy and small premium payments.
  • Full outstanding loan balance re-payment by insurer in case of death.
  • Outstanding loan balance protection in case of death / temporary or permanent disablement.
  • Valuable protection to your family by paying off your debts in-case of unfortunate death within the policy term.
  • Peace of mind since your liabilities is protected.
  • This product is also available in our takaful window.

Plan Details

  • Plan Benefits

  • Optional Benefits

Plan Benefits:

Death Benefit

In-case of the unfortunate death of the insured full outstanding loan balance is paid off, subject to maximum sum assured the sum assured is a reducing amount of cover, over the loan repayment term.

Optional Benefits

Optional Benefits

Permanent Total Disability

Total permanent disability provides coverage in case of disability that would prevent the insured person from following his/her own occupation or any other occupation whish he/she is reasonably suited by education or training.

(Accident or Sickness – Waiting Period of 30 Days: Outstanding credit card balance is paid off, subject to maximum sum assured.)