Introduction to Corporate Plans

Adamjee Life Corporate Plans provides highly competitive and beneficial plans to operate into business today, which is very essential for the employer as well as for the employee benefits.

For the growth of business exponentially without any risk, we provide overall exclusive package including Group Life Assurance (With Multiple Optional Benefits), Fee Continuation, Pension Plans, Group Saving, Group Takaful and Credit Life Plans.

Group Life Solutions

Group Life solutions of Adamjee Life provides major life coverage with outstanding benefits to be the best service provider in the industry. The objective of this plan is to offer easy and accessible solutions to all your worries in a single platform.

Group Credit Life Solutions

Credit Life Protection is a decreasing term cover that a bank can offer to individuals taking any kind of a loan from the bank including personal loan, credit card or Mortgage. The coverage is designed to protect both the borrower and the lender. Credit insurance is always sold in connection with a specific loan.

It’s a type of cover in which the amount of the policy matches the loan balance at any given time; designed so that full payment will be made in the event of death, disability or critical illness.