MCB Wealth Optimizer

The Objective of this plan is to provide optimum returns for its unit holders by investing primarily in money market and short term instruments with the added advantage of life insurance. With no front-end load (bid-offer spread) all contributions made in the fund are directly invested in your fund without any deductions. The plan generates consistent income through superior yields on its investments at moderate levels of risk through a diversified investment approach.

Wealth Optimizer is a flexible and secure investment plan with an added advantage of life protection that gives the investor access to professionally managed Unit Linked Growth Funds with the benefit of life insurance cover packaged in. The plan is beneficial for investors who seek Capital appreciation with limited immediate liquidity needs. All Investments are mainly used to purchase units in the Funds. Additionally, the individual has to make just a one-time investment and the plan will continue till maximum 25 years’ term or 80th birthday whichever comes first.

Why Wealth Optimizer

  • Highly flexible single payment investment plan with the benefit of life insurance packaged in.
  • Attractive returns with choice of funds to match your risk appetite.
  • 0% bid/ offer spread (No front end load).
  • Islamic fund (Amaanat) option providing shariah compliant investment opportunity.
  • Choice of investing in three separate funds with different investment mix based on your risk appetite and religious beliefs.
  • Tax credit on the investment made subject to limits as per the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 and subsequent changes through Finance Act.
  • Life protection cover of up to 10 times your investment amount.
  • Partial withdrawal option.

Plan Details

  • Fund Details

  • Operational Details

  • Additional Benefits To Investors

  • Plan Eligibility

  • Premium Allocation

  • Charges

  • Disclaimer

Fund Details

Investment Objectives

Strategically invest in equity and debt markets with the objective of maximizing returns for the investor. Funds are managed by a team of expert investment managers, who adjust the investment mix in light of economic conditions and investment opportunities.

Investment Strategy

Contributions made towards the plan are invested in various investment vehicles including equities, fixed interest instruments, bonds and other money market instruments. Diversification is achieved by selecting mix of instruments in order to optimize the returns. The three investment fund options for customers are:


Investment Secure Fund- II

To offer steady returns, the portfolio offers investment in a variety of Government and fixed income securities with minimal exposure in equities.

Investment Multiplier Fund

To offer maximum returns, the portfolio is diversified and balanced with a mix of equity investments, real estate, Government and fixed income securities.

Amaanat (Islamic) Fund

A portfolio which offers investment in Shariah compliant equities, Government and fixed income securities.

Fund Switch Option

You are entitled to two initial free fund switches at any time, each subsequent switch would be charged at Rs.300.

Operational Details

Operational Details

Minimum Investment Rs.25,000/-
Maximum Investment Unlimited
Minimum Sum assured (Death Cover) Cover multiple 1.25
Maximum Sum Assured (Death Cover) Cover Multiple 10

Mr. Shiraz acquires “Wealth Optimizer” plan for an initial investment of PKR. 100,000, with cover multiple 5 as protection level. This would mean that incase of any unfortunate mishap Shiraz would enjoy a life coverage of (100,000x 5) = PKR. 500,000 that his family would receive. The higher of the cash value or Sum assured will be paid to the beneficiaries.

Additional Benefits To Investors

Additional Benefits To Investors

Single Investment

Convenient, hassle free single payment option with the added advantage of life insurance.

Islamic Fund Option

Complete Riba/ interest free investment/ saving opportunity in-line with Islamic principles and beliefskeeping in mind the recent increase in demand of shariah compliant investment vehicles.

Unique Cover Multiple Option

The investor has the option to choose his/ her own life insurance coverage amount through the unique cover multiple feature. Customer has the option to take a maximum coverage of 10 cover multiples of investment amount.

No Front End Load

No bid-offer spread of front end load applicable of investment and no back – end load or redemption charges after 24 months.

No Taxation on Capital Gains

In accordance with Income Tax Ordinance 2001, All investments in Insurance are exempt from capital gain tax.

Tax rebate for businessmen and salaried Individuals

According to the current provisions of Income Tax Ordinance 2001,a salaried individual can avail a tax credit of up to PKR 100,000/- in respect of any life insurance premium paid on a life insurance plan held for a minimum period of 1 year subject to annual taxable income exceeding PKR. 4.55 million. The non-salaried/self employed investor can also avail the tax credit up to 125,000/- where the taxable income for the year exceeds Rs. 1.5 million, provided that the total insurance premium does not exceed 15% of the person’s taxable income for that year. Investors are advised to consult their tax advisor prior to making an investment decision.

Free Look Period

The customer is entitled to full refund in case it he/ she decides to cancel the policy within 14 days of issuance.

Partial Withdrawal

The Policyholder may make partial withdrawals from his/her fund with applicable surrender penalty in the first 23 months thereafter it can be withdrawn without any penalty Partial withdrawals can be taken up to four times in any Policy Year and are limited to 50% of the Net Cash Surrender Value subject to maintaining a minimum Net Cash Surrender Value of Rs. 10,000.

When a partial withdrawal is made, the amount of partial withdrawal will be deducted from both the Net Cash Surrender Value and the Sum Assured of the Policy.

Redemption Charges

If the investment is redeemed within the first eleven months of issuance a surrender charge of 3% of unit account value is applicable, 2% from twelfth to twenty third month. No back end load/ redemption charges will be charged after completion of two years.

No Holding Period

There is no minimum holding period required. However, it is recommended to invest in the fund for long term.

Redemption Period

Encashment/Redemption can be made within a period of 6 business days.

Diversified Investment Portfolio

A well-diversified investment portfolio with any amount of investment.

Easy to Monitor Investment

Ease of choosing and monitoring one fund instead of multiple investments.

Proper Re-balancing of Investments

Regular re-balancing to maintain the correct risk/return characteristics over time.

Plan Eligibility

Plan Eligibility

Min entry age 18th Birthday
Max entry age 78th Birthday
Max age of cover 80th Birthday

Premium Allocation

Premium Allocation

Hundred percent of all investment is allocated to your unit account without any deduction. Deductions are only made on redemption during first 24 months.

Minimum Premium Rs. 25,000/-



  • Wealth Optimizer is a Unit Linked plan which is subject to investment risk and the cash value of the plan will vary directly with the performance of the unit fund.
  • MCB Bank Ltd. Is acting as a distributor of Wealth Optimizer on behalf of Adamjee Life Assurance and is not responsible in any manner whatsoever to the customer, his/her beneficiary/ies or any third party.
  • All MCB Wealth Optimizer applications are processed and approved by Adamjee Life as per our Underwriting guidelines, MCB Ltd. Is not responsible for the processing and approval of these applications in any way whatsoever.
  • This brochure only provides an introduction to the benefits available under the plan. A detailed description of how the contract works is given in the ‘Terms and Conditions’, which will be provided after the customer avails the service.



Management & Admin charges: An annual charge of 1.75% of cash value to be deducted on monthly basis

Flat Surrender/ Partial Withdrawal fee: PKR 350/-

Policy Fee: Nil

Bid/Offer Spread: 0% off all premium allocated to the unit account

Plan Month Surrender/ redemption Charges as % of Unit account
1st to 11th 3%
12th to 23rd 2%
24th Onwards 0%