Company Detail

Name of Company as registered with SECP

Adamjee Life Assurance Company Limited

Company Registration, National Tax & Window Takaful Operations Authorization Number

  • Registration Number: 0067136
  • NTN: 3238692-3
  • Window Takaful Operations Authorization number 16

Member of Insurance Association of Pakistan

The Insurance Association of Pakistan

Permissible Activities

Life assurance business on non-participation business


Status of Company

Large Sized Company (LSC)

Address & phone numbers of registered office and all other branch offices

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Website Launch Date

12th February 2014

Notice of 9th Annual General Meeting

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Associated Companies

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List of Unclaimed Insurance Benefits

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Policy Maturity Form

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Website Compliance Certificate

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Unit Linked Fund Statements

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Notice of Annual General Meeting

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Compliance Report

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Consolidated for website March 31, 2019

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Investor Grievances

Name of the Manager

Muhammad Danish

Manager Customer Services and Complaint Resolution




“In case your complaint has not been properly redressed by us, you may lodge your complaint with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (the “SECP”). However, please note that SECP will entertain only those complaints which were at first directly requested to be redressed by the company and the company has failed to redress the same. Further, the complaints that are not relevant to SECP’s regulatory domain/competence shall not be entertained by the SECP.”


Profile of Board of Directors

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Shareholding Pattern

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Name of the Legal Advisor

Mr. Asad Iftikhar

Statutory Auditors of the company

M/s. KPMG TaseerHadi Co.

Financial Highlights

Description Year Type
Notice of 10th AGM 2019
Notice of 10th AGM - Urdu 2019
Compliance report 2019
FS 2018- With directors signature 2019
Directors' Report for the members-English 2019
A Directors Report Urdu Updated 2019
Financial Reports Dec 31st 2018 2018
Performanace Measurment 2018
Performanace Measurment 2018
Statement of net assets Notes 2018
Statement of net assets 2018
Annual Accounts 2017
Annual Accounts 2016
Annual Accounts 2015
List of Unit Linked Fund Accounts 2016
List of Unit Linked Fund Accounts 2017
Investment Summary 2018