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To create a superior Global Insurance company as the single largest player in the market through innovation in products, pricing, packaging and distribution, thereby revolutionizing the industry.

Mission Statement

To deliver outstanding profitability for the benefit of our customers, our employees and our shareholders while providing premium service.


The Institution requires its entire staff both executive staff and subordinate employees, the observance of the high ethical standards in the conduct of its business activities. All employees must have a copy of “SEBP” to well understand and meet the standards of professional and personal integrity expected of them to protect and safeguard the reputation of the Institution. Contravention of “SEBP” will be regarded as misconduct.

The following specific guidelines are prescribed for the Institution’s staff:

  1. Staff has a prime responsibility to the Institution and is expected to avoid any activity that could interfere with that responsibility.
  2. Staff should not engage in activities or transactions which may give rise to, or which may be seen to be giving rise to, conflict between their personal interests and the interests of the Institution.
  3. The Institution purchases equipment, material and services for various aspect of its operations. The staff members are forbidden from holding any personal financial interest, directly or indirectly, in any deal of supplying goods or services to the Institution.
  4. Staff should not engage in any outside business or activity that might interfere with their duties and responsibilities to the Institution.
  5. Staff should not keep or make copies of correspondence, documents, papers and records, list of clients or customers without the consent of the Institution and all such information should be surrendered to the Institution when the individual leaves the employment. Information and records should be kept on Institution premises only and unpublished information may be disclosed to external organizations/individuals only on “need to know” basis. In case of doubt in this regard, the Management’s advice should be sought.
  6. No funds or assets of the Institution should be contributed directly or indirectly, to any political party or organization or to any individual who either holds public office or is a candidate for public office.
  7. Staff should neither give nor receive payments that are intended to influence a business decision or to compromise independent judgment nor should any staff member receive money for having given Institution business to an outside agency.
  8. All funds, assets, receipts and disbursements should be fully and accurately recorded in the books of the Institution.
  9. Staff should act in good faith, responsibly, with due care and diligence, and without misrepresenting or omitting material facts. No false or fictitious entries should be made or misleading reports pertaining to the Institution or its operations should be issued.
  10. Staff to exercise good judgment so as to act in a manner that will reflect favorably on the Institution and the individual.
  11. In a personal capacity also, due care should be taken by staff while discussing the Institution’s performance or plans with outsiders. In case of doubt, advice of the Management should be sought.
  12. All employees work towards achievement of corporate objectives, individually and collectively as a team and conduct themselves at work and in society as respectable employees and responsible citizens.
  13. All employees and management personnel strictly adhere to the Institution’s rules, regulations, policies, procedures and authority matrix and observe the best codes of conduct and abide by all laws of Pakistan.
  14. Staff should take good care and ensure proper maintenance of the vehicles or any other assets which has been provided to him/her for his/her personal use as a perquisite. Staff should handover all such assets in good condition, normal wear and tear with passage of time accepted, while he/she is concluding his/her relationship with the Institution.
  15. Staff should take reasonable care to ensure the health and safety of himself/ herself and others who may be affected by his/her acts or omissions at work.
  16. Staff should not tamper with or misuse any item provided by the Institution to secure the safety, health and welfare of its staff and for the protection of the environment.
  17. Staff should use Institution assets for personal purposes strictly on an infrequent basis with negligible expense to the Institution.
  18. The use of alcohol in any form is prohibited on all Institution locations/premises. Similarly, the use of drugs, except under medical advice, is prohibited on all Institution locations/premises. Any staff member arriving at a work place under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to enter the premises and will be liable to disciplinary action.
  19. All forms of gambling/betting on the Institution’s premises are forbidden.
  20. No staff member shall seek, accept or permit himself/ herself to accept any gift or favor, the receipt of which will place him/her under any form of official obligation to the donor. As part of building relationship with customers, suppliers, etc. staff members may receive occasional gifts, provided that the gift is of nominal value (e.g. pens, notepads, calendars, diaries, key chains or such promotional material) and the gift is neither intended nor perceived by others to be intended to improperly influence business decisions.
  21. Staff will maintain an environment that is free from harassment and in which all employees are equally respected. Workplace harassment is defined as any action that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment. Such actions include, but are not limited to, sexual harassment, disparaging comments based on gender, race or religion.
  22. All staff members will be encouraged to recognize and report any concern about possible illegal or unethical behavior or control weakness in operating and financial system, and the Institution ensures that such reports made in good faith will be acted upon responsibly and without retaliation.
  23. Staff should respect all Tiers without regard to their position or level within the Institution.
  24. Responsibility of staff towards Customers:


    A customer, whether coming to us directly or through some agent, is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us – we are dependent on him. He is not an outsider in our business – he is a part of it. We are not doing him favor by serving him, he is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so.

    If we don’t take care of our customers, somebody else will.

    The above list is, however not exhaustive and any modification thereto will be notified accordingly. In case of doubt, the advice of the Management should be sought.

The formation of Adamjee Life is a result of the partnership between Adamjee Insurance and Hollard, South Africa. Both partners are well established and have a glorious legacy of providing to quality need based insurance product and services to the Pakistani market for over 60 years. The local market knowledge and international product and servicing expertise gives Adamjee Life valuable consumer and market insight and the capability to provide comprehensive solutions to the clients insurance product and servicing requirements.

Our technical expertise exists not only in Pakistan but also South Africa through our collaboration with Hollard Insurance Co. Ltd, the largest private insurance group in South Africa which has invested sizeable amounts in emerging markets. Hollard has over 30 years of experience in designing and distributing insurance products and providing unmatched service to its clients.

Adamjee Life is backed by Nishat Group, which is one of the leading and most diversified business groups in South East Asia with fixed/current assets of over Rs. 500 billion (US$ 5 billion), it ranks as the top business house of Pakistan. The group has strong presence in three most important business sectors of the region namely Textiles (Nishat mills, Nishat Linen), Cement (D.G. Khan Cement) and Financial Services (MCB), (Adamjee Life Assurance Co. Ltd.) and (Security General). In addition, the Group also has reasonable market share in Aviation (Pakistan Aviators) Power Generation (Nishat Power Ltd.), Paper products (Nishat Shoaiba Paper Mills) and Aviation (Pakistan Aviation and Aviators Ltd.).
With a strong and highly trained team of relationship managers and Financial Advisors, state of the art policy management and claims processing system and strong financial backing Adamjee life is geared to provide complete and exclusive round the clock service to its customers and clients. Our long term commitment ensures that the needs of our customers are always taken into account and is our prime consideration. Adamjee Life is redefining the life insurance paradigm by focusing on customers first. The service process is responsive, personalized, humane and compassionate and is developed to provide complete peace of mind to our clients. So that you can focus on what you do best and leave the rest to us.

1) Trust: Uphold Customers “Trust”.

2) Value Creation: Create Value in everything you do for your internal and external customers and for the society at large.

3) Transparency: Transparency to protect interest of the Company, its shareholders, customers and employees.

4) Respect: Mutual respect and inclusiveness at work.

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